Stacked T-Shirt Quilts

Stacked T-shirt quilts are dynamic, colorful quilts that tell your stories.... They are designed by laying out your shirts and other pieces of clothing in a grid pattern with strips of quilting fabric (sashing) between shirts.

Unique, custom-made



What is a Mosaic T-Shirt Quilt?
A dynamic, colorful quilt that tells your story....

Using your OWN t-shirt collection,

Unique, custom-made.

What Can Be Included in a Mosaic T-Shirt Quilt?
Almost any clothing or fabric items - Just ask!

How Many T-Shirts Are Needed? All of them!
$16.00 per 12 Square inch panel.


Queen 7′ x 8′ = 84" x 92"

84" x 92" = 7728 "

7728" /400" = 19.32 panels

19.32 x $16.00 = $309.12

SIZESFinished Dimensions
Mini Lap3' x 4'
Small Lap4' x 5'
Large Lap5' x 6'
Medium - Twin6' x 7'
Large - Queen7' x 8'
X-Large - King8' x 9'
Huge - King Plus9' x 10'

A picture frame t-shirt has each t-shirt emblem or design encased in a frame of your desired color. Pick one of the examples below.